2.0 Requirements Testing

This phase of testing is simply to match system functions to the functional specifications for the system and verify that all of Fly-By-Wire's requirements have been met. The links found in the first column relate back to the initial contract drawn up with Fly-By-Wire which determined the requirements that we at Danergous Minds would ensure IFESS supported. The entire document can be found through this link: Requirements Document

2.1 Test Cases:

Implemented? (Yes/No)
Login Requirements


Login security is enforced by way of the operating system used on the clients: Windows 2000. For passengers, no login is necessary and IFESS will automatically load with a client version running. Only selected terminals will have either the Flight Attendant or the Pilot interfaces installed. A correct login to one of these terminals will result in the corresponding IFESS interface being launched.
Movie Requirements


Movies are organized into specific genres such as "Action", "Romance", "Mystery", etc. The first movie is always free and any successive movie watch will be charged if the passenger is not in executive class. Once a movie is purchased it can be watched over and over again free of charge. Full movie control such as Fast Forward, Stop, and Rewind functions are implemented. IFESS does not currently support full-screen movie playing.

Administrators have full control over every aspect of movie management.

Music/Radio Requirements


Music on IFESS comes in two forms: pre-recorded and live Internet radio. The pre-recorded music must be in either WAV or MP3 format. Any Windows Media Player compatible Internet radio station will provide live radio. Music listening of any type is free of charge for any passenger.
Administrators have the ability to load/remove music from IFESS as well as insert URL's of Internet radio sites. They are also able to set the descriptions of the music and organize them into specific genres.
Food Ordering Requirements


There are meals, and individual items. Individual items consist of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks. Alcoholic beverages are the only types of food that cost money. A cut off time may be set so that no further meal orders may be placed after that time. Once a meal is chosen it may be changed as many times as the passenger wishes up to the cut off time. Every article of food is kept track of by IFESS, quantities, cost, and contents.
Pilots are able to order the same way a passenger can.
Flight Attendants can view all pending orders and adjust them as they deliver them.
Administrators can update and add new food items to the system, as well as create meals.
Games Requirements
All the functionality for adding, removing, and playing games on IFESS is enabled and tested. The company contracted to produce the games has not completed them; they will be provided as soon as they are ready.
Flight Information Requirements


Based on inputs from the airplane the location and status of the flight are displayed to a terminal. This does not interfere with any of the airplanes systems.
Console Messaging Requirements
As expected, due to time constraints console messaging was not implemented.

2.2 Requirements Summary:

Every requirement that was guaranteed by Dangerous Minds Software Group has been implemented and will be delivered to Fly-By-Wire Airlines on schedule. Additionally, some of the supplementary requirements--such as the In-flight information system--have been implemented. For every function there is a corresponding management utility for adding, removing and updating the information; the majority of these are in the administrator version of IFESS. The only major problem encountered with respect to meeting our requirements is that our game company has not yet come through with the games for the system.