3.0 Database Testing

The IFESS database is the core of the entire system. Every piece of data seen on IFESS (with the exception of the Internet) is retrieved from the database. Understandably, this system must work flawlessly or any errors will propogate throughout the application, and render it impossible to trace the original cause.
The process taken for testing the database is a very simple one. The database was simply filled with mock data and the SQL queries for each function were run and the result examined to ensure the correctness.

3.1 Passenger Queries:

The passenger interacts with the database in a number of ways: Ordering food, watching movies, listening to music, and inquiring after their bill. These were all tested to ensure that the proper values were being retrieved from the system. One query that posed a few problems was one of the food queries. The query returned too many items and this had been corrected.

3.2 Flight Attendant Queries:

Flight attendants access the database to see what passengers have put there. They need to see what food has been ordered and check on the status of a passengers bill. Finally they need to be able to have a passenger change seats in the database. The majority of these were just simple queries and worked perfectly first try; however, one of the queries in the pending orders section would return all the orders even if they had been marked as delivered. The statement was modified to account for that oversight and everything worked smoothly.

3.3 Administrator Queries:

The administratorís role regarding the database is simply adding or removing things from it. The queries for this were very straightforward and when tested did not pose any problems. They were just simply removing or adding food, movies, music, or games to the system.

3.4 Summary:

The majority of the queries tested were successful, only a few returned the wrong data. These have all been corrected and all the queries into the IFESS have passed the required test cases.