B.1 Response to Comments on Conceptual Design

    These are our responses to Fly-By-Wire’s comments on the Conceptual Design of IFESS. Any changes indicated must be implemented in the final product.

    1. Comment 1B: Concern over Instant Messaging not being added as a potential enhancement.
    2. Dangerous Minds has been treating instant messaging as a potential enhancement and has been working hard to try and deliver this component. Not including this in the last document was an oversight.

    3. Comment 1D: Once a movie has been viewed it is unlocked for the duration of the flight.
    4. The functionality is already included in the IFESS system.

    5. Comment 1E: Are games from the Games feature being run from a third party website of locally?
    6. Games will now be implemented and run locally therefore eliminating the dependency on another company.

    7. Comment 1F: What will happen in the event that someone has made changes, and then is called away from their terminals? Will those changes still be there waiting to be saved when the terminal is logged back in to?
    8. The intended implementation of IFESS will not suffer from this drawback, as all changes are saved to the database in real time.

    9. Comment 4.1A: What action does a passenger take when he/she indicates a desire to do something?
    10. The word "indicates" is meant to imply any input by the user. Due to the prototypical nature of IFESS at this point we have not, in all cases, determined the exact action the user is going to take (eg. Button Push, Keyboard Press, Button Push in Combination with Keyboard Press). In order to eliminate confusion later, all input is expressed using "Indicates". We would be happy to answer any more questions on this matter.

    11. Comment 4.1A: Passengers and pilots should be notified when they try to order a meal that is sold out.
    12. IFESS currently supports this functionality and we apologize for not including in the Conceptual Design Document.

    13. Comment 4.1B: Coach passengers should be billed for alcoholic beverages that they order.
    14. IFESS currently supports this functionality and we apologize for not including in the Conceptual Design Document.

    15. Comment 4.1B: Movie ratings should be displayed on the movie selection screen.
    16. Movie ratings will be added.

    17. Comment 4.1B: Clarification of what the "Voted" category is for.
    18. The voted category is intended to be a critic’s rating of how good the movie is. We will change the name of the category to be clearer.

    19. Comment 4.1B: Passengers should be able to view movies full-screen.
    20. See comments from the presentation below.

    21. Comment 4.1D: Is it possible to listen to pre-recorded music or radio while doing other IFESS tasks?
    22. This is definitely possible, eg. passengers will be able to start playing music and then proceed to browse the Internet while listening.

    23. Comment 4.1E: If users switch away from internet browsing and then come back to it, the last page they were viewing should be the one displayed in the web browser.
    24. This will be implemented.

    25. Comment 4.1G: Is it possible to have the time each purchase noted on customer bill?
    26. This will be implemented.

    27. Comment 4.2A: How does the flight attendant log into the system?
    28. Flight Attendants, Pilots, and Administrators will be able to access a login screen where they can input a user name and password to gain access to their IFESS features.

    29. Comment 4.2C: Flight attendants should not be able to make credit or payments for amounts higher than the passengers owing total.
    30. This will be implemented.

    31. Comment 4.2D: Passengers should not be able to switch seats outside of their class.
    32. This will be implemented.

    33. Comment 4.2E, 4.4G: How do flight attendants and administrators receive help?
    34. There will be help subsystem similar to the passenger help system.

    35. Comment 4.3A: Pilots should not be able to order alcoholic beverages.
    36. This will be implemented.

    37. Comment 4.4A-B: How do administrators submit a delete request?
    38. The procedure for deleting items at this time is as follows:

      1. The administrator selects the items to be deleted using the touch screen.
      2. IFESS will put a triangle marker next to each item selected for deletion.
      3. The administrator pushes the update button.
      4. IFESS updates the list by deleting the marked items.

    39. Comment 4.4A: What does the ‘*’ indicate in the item lists on the administrator screens.
    40. The ‘*’ is next to a blank line where new item information can be entered. After a new item has been entered, pushing the update button will update the list and allow the process to be repeated.

    B.2 Comments from the Sales Presentation

    1. Button and Screen Size
    2. In order to comply with the request for a larger viewing area the function button on the left side of the screen will be made smaller. The goal is to maximize the viewing area for internet browing and movie watching.

    3. In-Flight Information System
    4. We are going to make the In-Flight Information System animated.

    5. Account Flushing at the End of a Flight

    A warning will be given if any passenger still has a balance owing at the end of a flight.