5. Recommended Deployment

The diagram above describes the preliminary deployment recommendations for IFESS.

The IFESS system will be based on a client-server architecture, and will therefore require a central server (located on the aircraft), as well as individual client terminals. The server will process client requests and return the requested data.Internet based data will be routed from the ground through satellite hardware installed on the aircraft. A firewall independent of the IFESS system will be implemented on the central server for security. Dangerous Minds does not foresee the need for any backup hardware (such as a tape drive) as all consumer data is offloaded from the plane after each flight, but, due to the initial request in the Informal Specification of requirements, we have included such a device in our deployment diagram.

Users will interface with IFESS through a touch screen and a keyboard. Separate consoles will be required for passengers, flight attendants and pilots. Administrators can log onto any console.

We believe that this approach will offer a secure, reliable, and flexible architecture for the use of IFESS and future in-flight software systems.