Requirements Adjustment Meeting


On Thursday September 27, two members of our Dangerous Minds team (Justin Paquin and James Anderson) met with four representatives from Fly-By-Wire to discuss outstanding requirements issues of the IFESS project.


The meeting was very productive and a number of issues were addressed.


  1. Passenger Instant Messaging: Fly-By-Wire would like Passenger Instant Messaging to be part of the minimal system.


Dangerous minds will work hard to implement this feature but due to the time constraints placed on building this system cannot guarantee that this will be implemented for December 3rd. Dangerous Minds does understand Fly-By-Wire’s that passenger Instant Messaging is important so IFESS will be modularly designed with this feature in mind so a future addition will be as easy as possible.


  1. Terminal Soundcards: Fly-By-Wire was not aware that soundcards would be required hardware in each terminal.


Soundcards will be required for each passenger terminal in order for passengers to listen to audio and watch movies. Soundcards will also be required in flight attendant and pilot terminals if system audio alerts are to be implemented.

Dangerous Minds is still in the process of designing the IFESS system and has not been able to concluded whether we recommend that audio alerts be available on flight attendant and pilot terminals. An update will be submitted to Fly-By-Wire once more information is available.


  1. Movie Interface: Fly-By-Wire indicated a concern with the movie interface. They wanted to make sure that passengers could stop their movie temporarily without having to start watching from the beginning again. In other words they just wanted to make sure that the movie interface would not be a stubborn interface.


Dangerous Minds has indicated that there will be a pause button on the movie player so movies can be temporarily stopped and restarted from the point where they left off. Once a movie has been watched it is unlocked for that passenger for the rest of the flight. They may rewatch that movie again at any time during the flight.


  1. Streaming Radio and Bandwidth Concerns: Fly-By-Wire raised a concern that allowing passengers to stream radio stations from the web would create a bandwidth problem on the plane.


Further inspection of the hardware that is to be installed has shown that streaming radio stations from the web will have little effect on the bandwidth rates inside the airplane.


  1. Reliability of the Passenger In-Flight Information System: Fly-By-Wire has assured us that their information gathering system will be able to provide the IFESS Passenger In-Flight Information System with consistent data even during turbulence and take-offs and landings.


  1. Interface: Fly-By-Wire asked for clarification on “IFESS resembling major software packages”.


IFESS is a Windows application so it will have a Windows look and feel. Paper prototyping and screen shots will provide a better outlook on this once the prototypes become available


  1. Billing System: Fly-By-Wire has stressed that the billing system be included in the minimal system specifications. They have iterated that this is a key component and that IFESS “is just not very useful” without this component.


Dangerous Minds has agreed to include billing in the minimal system requirements.


  1. Terminal Management: Fly-By-Wire has indicated that they would like flight attendants to be able to disable individual terminals as needed. They have clarified that disable does not mean disabling the hardware itself. They only require that the IFESS system be disabled.


Dangerous Minds has agreed to reexamine this issue and will report back to Fly-By-Wire with an update.